The suspect. The target. The network. Every case you investigate Is unique, but many share a common thread: the digital footprint left over time in cyberspace. Our product is an unparalleled in-depth analysis platform based on artificial intelligence, that empowers law enforcement to navigate the parallel universe of unstructured data with agency and efficiency. It’s a field-tested tool that compresses painstaking investigations of weeks and months into minutes.

It I used by tier-one law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the battle against crime, counter-terrorism, and narcotics trafficking, aiding operators both at headquarters and in the field to uncover the most accurate insights in near real time and keep communities safe


The Benefits:


Turn Data to Insights.

Enchance your investigations with digital evidence.


Reveal Key and Hidden Connections.

Instantle gain deep actionable insights about individuals, groups or topics, including key and hidden connections.


Condense Investigations Time.

Turn weeks of data sifting into minutes.


Share Knowledge

Coorporate across teams, departments, jurisdictions and agencies


Integrate with your existing sources.

Consolidate with your law enforcement data systems.


Harness publicly available data in near real time.

Receive the most relevnt and current information


Process large documents rapidly.